London plays various numbers of festivals and fairs over the year. Musicians and artist exhibit their work in London. This city is celebrated for holding festivals that rival anyplace in the world.

Here are some of the best comedy festivals that take place in London that are a must-attend:

Ben Target: Splosh

This is a solo comedy that will feature Ben Target, a nominee for the Best Newcomer during the 2012 Edinburgh Comedy.

You will enjoy storytelling, live arts, silly jokes, as well as physical comedy by the pool side. This is a wonderful show you can attend with your family.

Lou Sanders: Shame Pig

This comedy show will be features at the Soho Theatre from 25th February to 28th February. Lou Sanders is a stand-up comedian and a TV regular and if you need some good laugh in London, attend her shows. You will enjoy candid tales, silly jokes, and some punchy jokes.

The Vault Festival

In vault festivals, artists are presented across disciplinespresenting new ideas. This comedy festival is made big because of theabove eight weeks exhibit, different in both genre and themes that appear in bars and places across Waterloo.

The Gin Festival

It brings gin of all parts of the world to London as well as preferred rare or defined edition bottles. You can enjoy live music while on a cocktail bar for your preferred gin-based drinks. These events have evening and day sessions. You should not miss this festival so book in advance since tickets are limited.

The Annual St Patrick Festival Day

 The festival runs for three days where the best music, dance, and foods are brought to the capital. Activities like family treasure trails are held on one day parade as well aspartner community fairs. Poetry, new and old film are also held hence making the festival to be fantastic. Everybody can join the festival since there is no ticket required to enjoy.

London has got plenty of festivals that you can enjoy which some are held during day and night and others don’t require any ticket to join them. Join any festival that you feel will make you feel enjoyed.