London has got landmarks as well as iconic buildings and a lot of sights to be seen. London is a wealthy city in historic culture.

If you want a happy exploring here are some of the London attractions that you need to visit:-

The Big Ben

It’s an iconic landmark in London and located in Westminster. The nickname of Big Ben is Great Bell of the clock. This nickname referred to the clock towerand its clock. The clock tower was officially named in 2012 after Queen Elizabeth as Elizabeth Tower.

Parliament Houses

If you would like to learn about British politics, visit the houses of parliament which are elegant and located on banks of river Thames. Although the houses of parliament are usually named as the former, its official name is absolutely the palace of Westminster.

London Eye

Before shard was opened in 2013, the London eye was the uppermost viewing point over London. At first, it was the greatest Ferris wheel all over the world. Viewing the London Eye from the ground is amazing. In order to see over London,you can purchase a ticket that will enable you to go upto London in one of the small pods.

The Trafalgar Square

This is the square that surrounds Nelson’s Column. Trafalgar square relates to the fight of Trafalgar which was a victory of British naval opposed to Napoleon. You can sit on the square and admire the fountain with the background of the National Gallery.

Natural History Museum

It’s situated in South Kensington. The building is attractive and no payment that is required to get in so you can admire the beautiful architecture.

There are many attractions in London which you can visit. Some do not require any ticket for you to enjoy. Don’t fail to experience this amazing sight of London.