There are many sites in London that you can see if planning to visit London. You should understand mode of transport that you can use once you are there. There are few travel option that you can choose.

Ways to get around London.

Take a Walk

While walking around the town, you will have the feel of the city as well as being able to watch the street performers, visiting restaurant and local shops. Although you may get lost time to time, this can be half the fun. When wandering in the new city, you get the best experience of the city.

Riding the London Tube

London tube is rather easy to navigate, if you have ridden it few times. You can pick an oyster card which are readily available in most shops and you can add money at the station or shops. You can get a live performance especially when random performers pop on and play music during few stops hence making the tube fun for the people watching.

The city Bus

Most of the buses in London are double decker hence making a fun for ride. An Oyster card that is purchased for the tube can as well be used for the bus since it makes it easier and gives you less thing to worry about.

Call for a Taxi

If you are having luggage or may be kids are exhausted from travelling, taking a taxi or uber is the best alternative. Download an application on your phone and call when in need of it. You can also call one if see it in the town. Taxis are found near bus stations and train stations.

Even though London is a big city, this does not mean getting around it is hard. You need to know the option to use. Also allow more than enough time to arrive to your destination.